Shrek - Alex Nieves

Donkey - Aaliyah Watkins

Fiona - Elizabeth Grant

Teen Fiona / Dragon and Donkey Backup Singer - Lilly Ricco

Young Fiona / Dragon and Donkey Backup Singer - Sarah Zampella

Lord Farquaad - Joseph Amoroso

Pinocchio - Alexander Feakes

Gingy - Kailyn Luizzi

Storytellers - Sofia Cordaro

                       Juliana Manzi

                 Ava Mania

Mama Ogre/Dragon,Donkey Backup SingerMallory Cestone

Papa Ogre/Pied Piper - Ian Wilson

Little Shrek/Guard/Dwarf - Matthew Malyuk

Wicked Witch - Ava Patanella

Mama Bear - Siena Giordano

Papa Bear/Knight - Marko Dobre

Baby Bear - Kayla DiMattia

Peter Pan - Gabriella DiMattia

Ugly Duckling/Knight - Eric Silverman

Big Bad Wolf/Knight - Connor Meletta

3 Little Pigs - Alyssa Strippoli (1)

                       Sullivan Tencza (2)

                Olivia Ricco (3)

Dragon - Kayla Perricelli

Captain of the Guard/Knight - RJ Buscher

Guards/Knights - Julius Monochello

Joaquin Vila

Eric Silverman (Knight)

RJ Buscher (Knight)

Bishop/Guard - Walner Huatay

We would like to thank everyone for coming out to audition for PVJrST's production of Shrek! We are so excited to share that this year we were fortunate to have the opportunity to cast all students that came out to audition. We are looking forward to working with each of you and letting our

"Freak Flags Fly"!

Storybook Character Ensemble

Hailey Shafer

Rebecca Ulloa

Natalie Santiago

Ella Sciancalepore

Abigale Mugleston

Sabrina Feakes

Angelina Feakes

Theresa DeProspo

Juliana Cestone

Duloc Dancers/Ensemble

Sara Castillo (Dragon and Donkey Backup Singer)

Samantha Vidal

Ava DeGaetano

Ava Piotrowski

Jessica Morales

Bianca Ionescu

Alexa Lopes

Andrea Colobong

Sabrina Stuber

Hannah Carrol

Rat Dancers

** Cast with tap experience -  To Be Determined **