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We would like to thank everyone for coming out to audition for PVJrST's production of Descendants!

Due to the size of this cast, we will be working out a schedule that will be broken down by scene as soon as possible.

We will have our first read through of the show on Tuesday, June 14th at 6pm in the Passaic Valley Band Room.  If you are not able to attend please email Mr. DeLuccia


Mal - Kira Giron

Evie - Natalie Santiago

Jay - Laila Renne

Carlos - Adam Stuber

Maleficent - Sophia Bromley

Queen Grimhilde - Samantha McGinn

Jafar - Apollo Bergrin

Cruella De Vil - Victoria Kiefer

Ben - Julian DeLeon

King Beast - Edward Finn

Queen Belle - Sofia Perillo

Fairy Godmother - Alex St. Ledger

Jane - Lena Preziosi

Chad - Cary Friedrich

Audrey - Kayla DiMattia

Doug - Giovi Renne

Royal Page - Leo Adessa

Maurice - Nick Gizzi

Coach - Stella Ostrowski

Snow White - Leah Conroy

Isle of the Lost Dance Ensemble

Beth Correnti

Kassidy Delgado

Selina Gonzalez

Ali Kosch

Gabriella Paez

Giselle Paez

Mariana Rayo

Sabrina Stuber

Auradonian Dance Ensemble

Olivia Barraco

Evelyn Chichester

Leah Conroy

Lila Ethiveerasingam

Isabella LaRose

Joanie Mupo

Mia Nunez

Kaitlyn Schubert

Leo Adessa
Chloe Culver
Nicoletta DeMarco
Anna Kiefer
Madelyn Larinoff
Eamonn McEvoy
Stella Ostrowski
Paris Pinto Salguero
Katie Ryan

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