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We would like to thank everyone for coming out to audition for PVJrST's production of Newsies JR!

Due to the size of this cast, we will be working out a schedule that will be broken down by scene as soon as possible.

We will have our first read through of the show on

Monday June 19th @ 6pm in the Passaic Valley Band Room. 

Please confirm the acceptance of your role by emailing

Mr. DeLuccia

Cast List

Jack Kelly - Laila Renne

Crutchie - Jayden Byles

Davey Jacobs - Natalie Santiago

Les Jacobs - Bobby DiMattia

Katherine Plummer - Kayla DiMattia

Medda Larkin - Daniabelle Astacio

Ada/Scab(newsie) - Victoria Kiefer

Olive/Scab(newsie) - Hannah Reynoso

Ethel/Scab(newsie) - Jaydah Miranda

Joseph Pulitzer - Brayden McGovern

Bunsen/Governor Teddy Roosevelt - Ryan Dolan

Seitz/Darcy - Michael Arena

Hannah/Woman - Katie Ryan

Wiesel - Eamonn Mcevoy

Morris DeLancey - Antonella DiSanti

Oscar Delancey - Joanie Mupo

Snyder - Sean McGovern

Dorothy - Madelyn Larinoff

Bill - Melina Wing

Spot Conlon/Pat/Police Chief - Caleb Gallego


Muriel - Kaylie O’Connell

Race - Lena Preziosi

Albert - Adam Stuber

Nancy - Isabella LaRose

Specs - Sofia Perillo

Pigtails - Stella Ostrowski

Hazel - Sam McGinn

Buttons - Evelyn Chicester

Tommy Boy - Giovi Renne

Romeo - Julianna Genao

Jojo - Anna Kiefer


Bowery Brigade/Brooklyn Newsies

Jayda Blucher

Allison Kosch

Madelyn Larinoff

Melina Wing

Alana Morales

Giselle Paez

Gabby Paez

Noelle Parkerton

Kaitlyn Schubert

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