OBJECTIVE: To highlight and appreciate theatre arts through a virtual platform amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

PLAN: “Behind the Curtain” Documentary showcasing the importance of theatre in a safe and effective way. 

SUBMISSION PROCESS: Students will send in 2 videos: One video singing a song of their choice. The second video will be a story of their choice. Students will be able to select the topic of their story from the list below:
Tell us your funniest theatre experience
Tell us about your first show
Tell us about the first time you made a mistake onstage (and what you learned from it)
Tell us about a friend you made in theatre
Tell us about a show that is important to you
Students will have one week (Dates TBD) to submit their videos. After that week, submissions will no longer be accepted.

CASTING PROCESS: Casting will be determined based on the number of submissions. While there are no “roles”, we can cast students into categories and/or choose who will be a part of the interview portions of the documentary. The documentary will consist of some of the following categories:
My first show
A song that means a lot to me 
Songs I never got to sing 
Parts I would never play but would like to 
Role I auditioned for vs Role I got 
My dream role 
Depending on the number of submissions, students could be able to choose a category they want to participate in.  Once they do so, they will need to choose a song that corresponds with their category.

    FILMING PROCESS: Students will film themselves and submit videos to us. To keep our program education based, we will encourage students to film and refilm after being critiqued. We will inspire them to take risks with their song of choice – add props, costume, makeup – whatever they (or we) see fit. As long as we meet social distancing requirements – we would like to have sit-down interviews with the students and ask them questions pertaining to their theatre careers. 

FINAL PRODUCT: All this footage will be edited together and published on our Facebook page. Participating members will get sent the final video. Release date TBD.